Synergy Offshore (SynOff) is a consulting firm that provides strategic advice to industry and financial sector clients on onshore/offshore energy and marine developments as well as advice in support of corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions activities.

SynOff provides high-level Corporate Advisory services to the Oil & Gas and Offshore Marine Industries. They also provides commercial and technical due diligence expertise to Investment Banks, Private Equity and the Offshore Industry at large in support of mergers and/or acquisitions. SynOff fills in the gap between the Financial Diligence provided by accounting/audit firms and Legal Diligence provided by law firms by providing Commercial Diligence – that includes the following assessments for example, for an Offshore Support Vessel (OSV) Company:

  • The operating structure of the target company
  • The quality of the Management team
  • The quality of the HSEQ organization
  • The quality of the purchasing organization
  • The quality of the business plan
  • The quality of the current contracts and assessment of risk vis-à-vis charter party contracts versus bareboat contracts etc.
  • Valuation of the assets either from a desktop perspective or by arranging for a detailed “on vessel survey” by marine technical experts.
  • The scalability of the target company and the identification of the possible growth potential within the existing region and globally

SynOff can also add value by developing long-term strategic business plans working with both the Board of Directors and the senior Management team in terms of developing deliverable targets and three to five year business plans.  In cooperation with Senior Management, SynOff can help develop MIS systems to ensure Management has all relevant cost and operational information on a vessel-by-vessel basis in an integrated report format.

SynOff can assist in defining fleet expansion opportunities and requirements, identify and negotiate with shipyards for technologically current assets at optimum prices and financial terms and by identify shipping banks to finance the transactions.

Finally, SynOff can assist in plugging any gaps in the existing Management team by identifying and helping to recruit senior marine professionals that are appropriate for the tasks at hand.